Sant Pushpa School

Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.


Welcome to Online classes of Sant Pushpa School, Deoria. This online classes cover the lecture videos of class LKG to X Students of academic year 2020 - 2021. It is especially designed for Sant Pushpa School students to learn from home. The videos are classified classwise and in each class the video title describes the subject and content of video. Each video duration is of maximum 30 minutes and covers first chapter in respective subject. These videos are user friendly, responsive and viewable on digital devices like mobile/laptop, tablet, and computer desktop. Start learning your subjects from home with the support of these videos. Some videos are arranged as series to cover up the whole chapter. The chapters discussed in the video would not be discussed again in the classroom especially after re-opening. We are planning to post videos regularly to complete the series so keep visiting this page every day. With Best wishes,

Dear Students,

To access the video quickly as well as to reduce the  loading process of page, we have  separated the video library classwise and moved on to different pages. The following link will help you to reach respective class video library.

Thank You and Enjoy learning.