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Sant Pushpa inter college,Deoria

[ Affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. ]

General Rules - Students

  1. All the pupils should be in School on the first day of each term without fail. Regular attendance is a prerequisite to good education and an important factor in deciding promotion.
  2. The pupils will not keep money with them. The School is not responsible for stationery, books, money etc. that are lost. Children must look after their belongings.
  3. No one should leave the school premises during class hours or at the interval without the permission of the Principal.
  4. All damage to furniture, library books etc. will be made good by the one responsible for it.
  5. Although the school is not responsible for the behaviour of the students outside its premises, due notice will be taken on reports of misbehaviour and disciplinary actions will be taken against them if the report is substantiated on proper enquiry.
  6. Irregular attendance at school, habitual laziness, disobedience, dishonesty or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
  7. No books (other than text book or school library books), News papers and periodicals may be brought to the school without the Principal’s permission.
  8. Students are directed to take dawn the work assigned for the next day in the hand book.
  9. To communicate in the course language is mandatory for all the staff and students in the school campus.
  10. All must come to school neatly and cleanly dressed with lessons well prepared and home works done.
  11. To obtain fluency in speaking, English will be the medium of communication in the School campus.
  12. Private tuition as a rule is discouraged. The teachers are requested not to take tuition for the children of this School. The parents are hereby requested not to approach the teachers with this demand. Violation of this rule will be against school discipline.
  13. In case a child fails consecutively twice in a class he/she has to seek admission elsewhere ipso facto.
  14. Running and shouting in the school building is not allowed. Pupils must keep to the left when using staircases and corridors.
  15. Eating on the staircases and on the Verandas is not allowed. Snacks must be eaten in the class-room and refuse put in the receptacles provided.
  16. Books and other property must bear the owner’s name.
  17. Reasonable care must be taken of all school property. Pupils must not write on walls or carve names on woodworks.
  18. All breakages must be reported to the class teacher/ Principal.
  19. Care should be taken to keep the building clean. Litter should be put into the bins provided for the purpose.
  20. The cost of repairs caused by damage to school property will be charged to the pupils concerned.
  21. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in school and outside. Misbehaviour in public streets and in conveyances will be dealt with strictly.
  22. No collection for any purpose may be made in the School without the prior permission of the Principal.
  23. Pupils must not bring any amount of money unless asked for by the School authorities. The school does not bear responsibility for the loss of money.
  24. Any student who infringes the Library rules will be liable to pay a fine or will be debarred from the library.
  25. Pupils are expected to be punctual. Late comers are liable to be sent home at the parent’s own risk.
  26. Pupils from one class may not visit their friends in any other class during recess periods.
  27. Silence must be observed outside the Principal’s Office.
  28. Students are to maintain a high standard of good manners and general behaviour
  29. Students, given any responsibility should undertake it dutifully and impartially in accordance with the direction of the Principal or the teacher deputed by him.
  30. Each student is responsible for his/her things and the school will not be responsible for the loss of books, money, clothes, etc of the student. It is advisable not to bring any valuables to the school.
  31. Articles found in the school premises are to be handed over to the school office.
  32. Pupils are not allowed to enter the staff room.
  33. A collective petition or complaint will not be entertained but individual complaints will be extended a sympathetic consideration.
  34. In your dress and behaviour keep a sense of self- respect. Right behaviour is the expression of fine character and a good personality.
  35. Be simple in your ways and words.
  36. Avoid using indecent language.
  37. Be friendly with one another and be respectful towards the elders in and out of School.
  38. Accept whatever work that is assigned to you with joy and pride.
  39. Be courteous and sportsman like with officials and with opposing teams or different Houses.
  40. Respect the liberty and rights of other pupils. Avoid calling nick names.
  41. Respect and preserve the School property and report at once to the teacher any damage or danger that you may observe.
  42. Learn and observe good manners everywhere.
  43. Realize the value of time. Do not wait till the examination approaches. The key to success is regular and sincere work. Do not waste your God given talents for want of application.
  44. Pupils are not allowed to buy sweets and other eatables at the school gate.
  45. Pupils are not allowed to give gifts to the members of the staff

N.B.: Parents/Guardians shall not give presents or tips to the menial staff.